No more water for SA

Durham Ox mixed farmerChris Harrisonsaid, earlier this year, the planned upgrade appeared to have stalled on his property.
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Mr Harrison said he had been left with a “hybrid” system, with both the older style Dethridge wheel alongside modern, automated technology.

“You will have Dethridge wheels and drop bars alongside electronic metres and you have to employ a lot of labor to work them (Dethridge wheels) manually,” he said.

But thespring rain brought flooding, particularly in the Loddon Valley, which caused further challenges.Boort cropper Tyler Nelson said it was difficult to come to terms with crop losses, and potential damage from water logging and flooding, after years of dry springs.

“The decisions that have to be made and the facts that have to be faced are all the harder after a couple of tough production years,” Mr Nelson said.

​Irrigation concerns were not just confined to the Loddon.

In November, the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) Water Leadership forum publicly released research, showing the Murray Darling Basin Plan had cost the region $550million in lost production, every year, since 2012.

The RM Consulting Group (RMCG) study found irrigators were paying $20 million a year more, for temporary water.The study authors found thedairy industry had seen its value cut by $200m at the farm gate and $360m in processed products.

RMCG’s Rob Rendell said irrigators were now in a demand driven system, which had not been recognised in any socio-economic analysis.He said about half the 1300GL of entitlements recovered were high reliability water shares.

“Victoria has contributed the bulk of those high reliability water shares, dare I say the Griffith area has contributed bugger all,” Mr Rendell said.

A spokswoman for the MDBA said it was aware of the research and welcomed contributions to the ongoing debate over the impacts of the plan on communities, industries and the environment.

Further downthe Murray river, Dried Fruit Australia chairman Mark King said he had been involved in the water debate since the inception of the Living Murray program, in 2002.

“The models have proven there has been an effect on jobs – the bureaucrats who came up with those models should hang their heads in shame, because Blind Freddy could have told you,if you take water out of production, of course it’s going to cost jobs.”

But farmers all along the river – whether they produced rice, ran dairy cattle, sheep or grew grain or fruit – were all agreed on one thing;the 450GL of environmental water, sought by South Australia, could not be returned.

South Australian Water Minister, Ian Hunter, made a splash, with an expletive-laden outburst to his state and federal counterparts, in which he told them the state still wanted the extra upwater.ButMr King spoke for all irrigators, along the Victorian and New South Wales river systems, in saying no more water could be delivered to South Australia.

“The models show the water they have taken isn’t delivering what they thought it would and is having a greater impact on communities than predicted, so why would you be going out to secure more ?,” he said.

The MDBA spokeswoman said the water market gave irrigators greater flexibility, in their business decisions.“Those who choose to buy or sell in the water market are better off compared with no trading opportunities,” the spokeswoman said. “Water trading is a way of extracting the maximum economic benefit from the available water resources.”

Independent analysis hadconcluded that the effect of Commonwealth water recovery was to increase the price of water allocations by between $10 and $30/ML.

“However, the same study concluded that the main driver of changes in allocation prices was year to year variation in water availability. This has a much greater effect on prices than Commonwealth water recovery and other factors such as the growing demand for water from expanding irrigation sectors like cotton and nut crops,” the spokeswoman said.

Merbein dried fruit grower Tony Martin said the major drought, earlier in the century, was the biggest cause of disruption for irrigators and townspeople in the Sunraysia.

IRRIGATION WOES: An irrigation channel, near Tatura. The RM Consulting Group (RMCG) found irrigators were paying $20 million a year more, for temporary water.

He said improved irrigation technology had a major impact on populations,in industries such as cotton. “They don’t have to house anyone, they have machinery to deal with weeds, they don’t employ as many people as they used to.”

He said as recently as June 30, irrigators were still thinking they would not get any allocations.“Now every dam in Australia is full and everybody is feeling happy with themselves,” he said.

“You can feel for the guys in the Riverina, if they can’t plant a rice crop because there is no water, but that’s what their allocation gives them.

“If there’s water there they can use it;if there isn’t they can’t – that’s farming.”

Tony Martin, Merbein dried fruit growerThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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School casualties

A united group of students have spoken out against a proposed merger of the city’s high schools relaying fearsthey willbe the collateral damage.
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ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: The students say they can see some benefits to a merger but are concerned about their schooling during the change. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo.

The 10 students were firm in their beliefshould the merger go ahead the negative consequences would be felt whilethey complete their crucial final years of schooling.

“This will disrupt us for the rest of our schooling lives,” year 8 student Elise Townsend said.

“We won’t see the new school, but we will have all the disadvantages as it is built, where are we going to go and what will happen to the Griffith High School students?”

As a year 8 student Elise and her peers wouldmiss out on attending a merged school, but wouldbe schooled through change as it is built.

However, it’s not only a problem for the students who miss out, according to year 7 studentJemimahBrooker, who can’t bring herself to be excited about the prospect.

“I don’t think they understand, moving high schools as you are doing your HSC will be really distracting,” she said.

Even more disconcertingwas thelack of detailbehind the announcement.

The students said a spokesman from the Department of Education had come to their school, butthey still didn’t have the answers they needed. “Fair enough it hasn’t been set in stone yet, but we have questions that need answers,” year 8 student Jenna Richards said.

“Our opinion needs to be taken more seriously, all other opinions are also important, but this is our lives.” The group raised further concerns presented by a larger school including, bullying, a lack of schooling choice, elective classes and excursions filling up,less chance of representing schools in sport and the potential loss of beloved teachers.

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More than 80,000 calls for help last Christmas

Christmas holidays are synonymous with road trips and traffic jams.
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That’s why the NRMA is calling on motorists to be prepared and reduce the risk of needing roadside assistance –no matter thejourney or destination.

Last year, the NRMA responded to more than 80,000 calls for help on NSW and ACT roads between December 19and January 9, or two-and-a-half calls a minute.

The associationis warning motorists to beprepared in case of unexpected moments on roads again this year.

According tothe NRMA thetop five reasons for callouts were:

1. Flat batteries – 43 per cent

2. Wheels and tyres – 10 per cent

3. Electrical faults – nine per cent

4. Vehicle lock-outs – six per cent

5. Cooling systems – five per cent

NRMA Executive General Manager Motoring, Samantha Taranto, said roadside assistance wasn’t just forlong trips.

“Members who call us never started their journey expecting to need help,” Ms Taranto said.

“We are often referred to as the fourth emergency service and that’s because we’re always there to helpstranded motorists.”

DELAYS: Being prepared this holiday season may mean you avoid the headache of a breakdown during the Christmas period. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

The average waiting time is 34 minutes, and NRMA patrols get cars started again without a tow nine timesout of 10.

While Membership offers peace of mind, Ms Taranto said there were some ways Motorists could helpprevent some unexpected mishaps on the road.

“A holiday drive can quickly become a journey to forget if you’re not prepared,” she said.

“We recommend membersbook their cars in for a regular service with a trusted mechanic– this is the best wayto spot potential disasters and fix them before they cause any drama.”

“If you’re unsure of you battery health you can give us a call before you hit the road and one of our patrolswill come and check it for you, and replace it on the spot if need be.

“Also make sure you’ve checked your tyre pressure, lubricant and cooling systems before hitting the roadand pack safely.”

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Drug supply chain busted with pleas

A CANNABIS supply chain involving a man buying the prohibited drug atYass and on-selling it in Wagga and Forbes has been busted with the central figure pleading guilty to three chargescovering multiple offences.
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Louis Foster, 22, lodged his pleas in Wagga Local Court this week and will be sentenced in the District Court early next year.

Foster admitted peddling cannabis worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in over several months until his arrest in March.

Police last December began a special operation called Strike Force Jokic to get evidence ofFoster’s suspected drug activities.

They monitored drug transactions throughout the first two months of the year until his arrest on March 4.

Through covert surveillance they established Fosterbought cannabis in nine kilogram parcels at Yass and distributed it through a network of drug runners.

Some cannabis was sold in Forbes for up to $10,750 for 1.3kg a time, but Foster also sold smaller amounts of the drug in Wagga shopping centres and other public places.

Foster pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a prohibited drug greater than the commercial quantity and one count of supplying cannabis greater than the indictable quantity but less than the commercial quantity.

He also admitted to a charge of supplying the drug ice greater than the indictable quantity.

In relation to that charge, it is alleged Foster planned to buy cocaine, but was given 28 grams of ice by error.

It is alleged Fosterthen arranged to give the ice back to his supplier in exchange for cocaine.

Foster is on bail while waiting sentence.

After accepting Foster’s pleas, magistrate Erin Kennedy ordered a pre-sentence report to help the District Court judge frame a sentence.

The case is listed for sentence at the sittings beginning February 27.

Earlier this year, Foster pleaded guilty to driving with an illegal drug in his bloodstream.

He was stopped by Highway and Traffic police on January 28.

Two other people in the network have been dealt with by the courts.

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When the gift has fur

Every Christmas I get asked the same question, “How are you going to cope with all the unwanted animals as gifts being surrendered to the shelter?”
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WRAP IT UP: If you want to give a pet, consider an RSPCA ACT voucher so your loved one can choose a furry friend themselves, such as sweet Swan, who is available for adoption now.

There’s a longstanding belief that pets that aren’t chosen specifically by their new owners (iegiven as gifts) are less valued than those that are.

Based on our experience at the shelter, I would completely disagree with this belief.

Furthermore, there have been multiple studies around the world that have shown that the amount of love and care that a person gives to a pet is not directly correlated to either the method for how the animal came into their lives or the amount of money they spent on it.

Some studies actually suggest that a ‘double bond’can be obtained when a pet is given as a present with the second bond related to the personal emotions attached to the gift giver.

While the shelter is indeed full and the number of animals in care will continue to increase over the holiday season, very few are coming in as unwanted gifts.

So, we are actively suggesting that pets can be great Christmas gifts if the giver keeps a few things in mind:

It’s important that the receiver has already expressed a strong desire for a pet.Ensure that they have the ability to be a responsible pet owner for not only that species and breed, but also for the animal’s individual needs.There’s no sense in getting them a high energy working dog if they live in a tiny apartment and work 50 hours a week.If they have other pets, it’s important that the animals meet before adopting a new family member. Animal personalities range just like humans which mean that some animals just won’t get along.We recommend buying them a gift voucher at RSPCA ACT to adopt a pet rather than purchasing an animal on their behalf. This allows them to find a companion that they will form a lifelong bond with.Remember: it’s okay to give them a pet as a gift – but not as a surprise.

You can visit our adoption website (梧桐夜网adoptapet南京夜网419论坛) to see what type of animals we have available.

Tammy Ven Dange is the CEO of RSPCA ACT.

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At-risk Tassie teens ‘targets’

At-risk Tasmanian teenagers are engaging in concerning behaviours and being “targeted”by predatory older people, a Launceston service says.
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Launceston Young Women’s Service Karinya wrote young teenagers were falling through the cracks and enteringrisky situations in the Shelter Tasmania Annual Report 2016.

The service provides crisis accommodation to young women aged between 13 and 20.

A Karinya spokesperson said young women who did not have access to ongoing support orincome, particularly those aged under 16, frequently felt forced to couch surfin inappropriate environments andparticipated in low level criminal activity to attain money.

“[They] become beholden to inappropriate people who offer to ‘help’ them,” the Karinya spokesperson said.

“They also can become the targets for organised petty crime groups who recruit them to become involved in return for somewhere to stay, and food,” they said.

Theysaid younger females seeking stability also entered into relationships with older males.

“None of these situations are okay and all put them at risk, from others and from themselves via the inappropriate and misinformed choices they sometimes make,” they said.

Karinya in the annual report wroteteenagers aged between 13 and 15 were “not seen as a priority for Child Protection but are also not eligible for support from other support services”.

Launceston non-for-profitYouth Futures, which provides services including crisis accommodation for young men,wrote in Shelter Tasmania’s report that the service’s clients dealt with low levels of literacy.

“This year we have experienced greater levels of unpredictable behaviours, paranoia and depression,” Youth Futures reported.

Shelter Tasmania executive officer Pattie Chugg said there was “not enough emergency accommodation” for vulnerable Tasmanian teenagers.

“This is a crucial issue …children in this age group are not adequately protected as the system is currently designed,” Ms Chugg said.

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma said the state government was developing a strategy for at-risk youths which would be completed in 2017. She said the strategy wouldlook at youth struggling with issues including homelessness, mental health and drug and alcohol issues.

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Ambos’ missed breaks increase

Overtime payments to Tasmanian paramedics for missed meal breaks grew to 12,750 worth$255,000 in the 2015-16 financial year.
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The cost increased from 11,414 missed break payments worth a total of$228,280 the year before.

Paramedics who were not able to take meal breaks within a certain time becausethey hadbeen called to an emergency were paid an allowance. Health Minister Michael Ferguson said the allowance was “in accordance with award provisions and Ambulance Tasmania’s Meal Break Policy”.

The 2015-16 meal break overtime data was detailed in Right to Information documents released on Thursday.

The most recent data in the document showed there were 1077 overtime payments worth $21,540 made statewide in June 2016.

Despite an increase demonstrated in the documents, Mr Ferguson said the data showed the rate of missed meal breaks for paramedics continued to “trend down”.

“[The 2015-16 data] is an improvement compared to 2012-13 …when paramedics missed 13,739 meal breaks at a cost of $137,384,” he said.

“The reason that costs have increased is because the missed meal break allowance was increased as part of the 2013 Enterprise Bargaining Agreement,” he said.

Health and Community Services Union state secretary Tim Jacobson said the situation would improve due to new provisions, which meantif paramedics didn’t have a break within a certain time-frame theywouldonly be dispatched to highest-prioritycases,in the Ambulance Tasmania agreementfinalised in August 2016.

“We’re unable, at this point, to determine exactly what impact the new arrangement hashad, but [it’s] safe to say it does appear many paramedics are getting their breaks now, and they weren’t before,” Mr Jacobsonsaid.

He said the figures in the RTIdocuments were “not surprising”. Mr Jacobson said anecdotal evidence indicatedintense caseloadscontributed to missed breaks.

Mr Ferguson said the state government would continue to work to get the best outcomes for paramedics.

“Since coming to government we have funded 20 additional paramedics, begun a review into increasing paramedics’ scope of practice under our Patients First Action Plan, provided additional anti-violence training and introduced a Bill for mandatory minimum sentences for serious assaults,” Mr Ferguson said.

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Students share their wishlists

Nanjing Night Net

Students from KimbaArea School shared their Christmas wishes in a range of letters addressed to Santa.

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Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year. For Christmas, can I please have a tonka truck? From Jamie Milton

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year. For Christmas, canI please have a bike. From Agambir Atwal

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year. For Christmas, can I please have a DS, A fast costume and an interactive whiteboard. From Riley Hunt

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a motocross car, pencil case, some paint and a motorbike. FromJesse Hannah

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a blow up pool. From James Zibell

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have motorbike stuff please, hot wheels car, big motorbike stickers, swimming pool. From Bailey Venning

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have hot wheels. From Emerson Vandeleur

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a swimming pool. From Summer McGilvray

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a big bad of Shopkins. From Stacey Major

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a walking dog and kitty cat with a fish and a baby that does real poos and wees. From Mahli Harris

Dear Santa, I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a motorbike? From Kobe Macklin

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a motorbike and a bogey board. From Jayden Koch

Dear Santa,I have been extremely good this year.For Christmas, canI please have a swimming pool and 3D DS. From Samuel Fitzgerald

Dear Santa,I live on Steven Street. I have one big sister, Charlie, and a little sister, Mia. Mum is having another baby, I think it is a girl but want a boy. We are going to the beach for Christmas. Can I please have a trumpet, DS, go cart, electric toothbrush, and an iPod. From Jayla Arcus

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year can I please have a Lego fire station aleap pad. From Zack Murdock

Dear Santa, I love to watch televisionbut when there are no shows on I play with my Lego. For Christmas, can I please have enough Lego to build a city of Lego. From Ella Hunt

Dear Santa, I have two brothers, their names are Saxon and he is eightand Henry is four. He has Cerebral Palsy. CanI please get a horse? I live in Buckleboo.I will be at my house for Christmas. If you don’t get me a horse, it’s okay. Then can you please get me what ever you want to get me. FromMercedes Larwood

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year please may I have a skate board, a Furbie, 3DS, a selfie mic and a leap pad? From Millie Dickenson

Dear Santa, my favourite sport is football. Can I please have a surfboard, Fitbit, $100,000, an electric scooter and a basketball? From Saige Vandeleur

Dear Santa,I have a brother and a sister. I love football. I would like a motorbike, a toy spider, a moving toy snake or a trampoline. Have I been good? From Occy Scott.

Dear Santa,I have a sister and two brothers and mum and dad. Has Rudolph been good this year? Can I please have a yo-yo, Lego, a Furbie and DS. From Jayde Matthews

Dear Santa,my favourite sport is Tennis. I am going to the beach. I have a brother and sister. This year can I please have a puppy, a furbie, a DS, a flute and a keyboard? I hope you have a great Christmas. From Asha Mayfield

Dear Santa, please can I have a DS, an iPad, and an iPod for Christmas? I hope you have a lovely Christmas. From Jett Kenchington

Dear Santa,my favourite colours arepink and purple. For Christmas this year I would like a toy cat and a real dog. Are you awake at night doing presents and sleep at day time? From Alex Redden

Dear Santa, my house is in the bush. I have two sisters, a mum and dad. I love animals. My mum and dad are ecologist. For Christmas I am going to stay in Adelaide, where my family live. For Christmas this year, I would really like a book, a Fitbit and some chocolate. What are you going to do after you deliver the presents? From Jarrah Moseby Read

Dear Santa,I live in Kimba. I have two brothers, one sister, one mum and one dad. For Christmas this year I would like some $50 notes, some $5and some $10,some more textas, some Port Power stuff, a motorbike, a bookshelf, clock and a whiteboard. I would also like some $100 notes, some cents and some making stuff. From Airlee Jade Seal

Dear Santa,I have one brother and twosisters. ForChristmas, can I please have Shopkins and a ukulele and some Lego? From Felicity Harradine

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A collection of letters sent to the North Pole

Nanjing Night Net

Students from Cowell Area School shared their Christmas wishes in a range of letters addressed to Santa.

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Dear Santa, I want a scooter and I want a skateboard.From Zoe Flavel

Dear Santa, I would like some cars from Santa. Merry Christmas.From Chase Piggott

Dear Santa, I would like a robot kitten please. From Ava Walsh

Dear Santa, I would like some Lego for Christmas. I would like a transformer. From Will Schultz

Dear Santa, I want please a remote control car and please can I have a toy car that has wheels. Merry Christmas.From Kalan Russell

Dear Santa, can I please have a toy cat. From Scarlett Martin

Dear Santa, can you give me some pictures of you? From Caleb Churchett

Dear Santa, can I please have a remote control aeroplane and can I please have some gel pens. From Nevaeh Bates

Dear Santa, can you please give me a puppy and a cat. From Ky Ramsey

Dear Santa, I want a big farmSanta because I want to have a crocodile farm. From Seth James

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year and I really would like some blue earrings and a life jacket. From Darci Klingberg

Dear Santa, I would like a motorbike. From Riley Roberts

Dear Santa, it was a Christmas night. I was sleeping. I couldn’t wait. Our Christmas tree was glowing because it was Christmas. From Quintin Fisher

Dear Santa, I will want a gun and an iPad and a tool set and a fishing rod. From Casey Beach

Dear Santa, I would like some Lego. From Tyler Kilingberg

Dear Santa, I love you.I wish I could come to your house. From Jan Posthumus

Dear Santa, can I please have a train track. From Liam Iversen

Dear Santa, can I have a lot of earrings and a computer. From Ella Fiegert

Dear Santa, I want a spell that helps me do karate and a spell that goes into my heart that I can’t see. From Harrie Kuhn

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Property’s bumper year

Corporate investors injected excitement into the market in 2016. In July “Deltroit” at Gundagai, pictured, sold to one of Australia’s biggest landholders, MH Premium Farms, for close to $20 million.AS IT says on many a packet label at the chemist, “just add water”, and the same could be said of the rural property market in 2016. Thanks to the best winter and early spring rains in years across nearly all of eastern Australia, the rural sector has enjoyed a bumper season, providing a timely boost to industry confidence.
Nanjing Night Net

Coupled with strong rises in most farm commodity prices (with the notable exception of cereal grains), and the replenishment of key water storages, this confidence boost has fed into rural land demand.

At the same time, the much-improved conditions have encouraged many farmers to sit tight and enjoy a much-needed lift in fortunes. The net result has been a year-long shortage of quality farm listings, and an upward pressure on prices for all classes of rural property.

Underpinning the positive outlook is the strength of commodity markets. The upward trend began in 2015, and by the beginning of this year the young cattle market indicator was up by a massive 30pc on year-earlier levels, and maintained that lead for much of 2016. At the same time, wool prices started the year some 20pc higher than 12 months earlier (and closed about 11pc higher), while markets for sheep and lambs have remained strong all year.

Against this backdrop, rural land prices have undergone a dramatic catch-up, rising generally by 15 to 20pc across the board (and more in places), following nearly a decade of stagnation.

LAND VALUES SOARThe trends are evident from Landmark Harcourt’s latest “Benchmark” property review. This shows sales of agricultural properties in the 40-100ha, 100-1000ha and above-1000ha categories all declined in volume by about 5pc, while average values rose by 10.4pc, 12.3pc and 36pc respectively (to $400,000, $600,000 and $1.38m).

And these figures apply only to the 12 months ended August 2016, which means they exclude the bumper spring selling season just past, when values took a further lift.

All property agents contacted by The Land reported a shortage of listings, particularly listings of well-located, well-managed farms with good infrastructure.

And while demand from offshore and institutional or corporate investors remains strong, agents say the driving force in the market in 2016 has been established farmers seeking expansion.

A major reason for this, according to Webster Nolan Real Estate principal David Nolan, has been a widespread move “back home” by farmers’ sons and daughters who followed the mining boom while farm returns were depressed.

Chris Meares of Meares and Associates says another factor has been the more accommodating attitude of the banks, thanks mainly to the upturn in farm earnings and the consequent lift in yield on loans.

Also influencing the supply/demand balance has been the virtual drying-up of the forced receiver sales which have accounted for many listings in recent years. Landmark Harcourt’s Sydney-based corporate sales manager, Phil Rourke, typically handled at least six such sales in past years under receivers’ instructions, but this year only one.

At the same time, he said local and offshore institutions were looking more favourably on agribusiness investment as a result of our historically low interest rates, and a more favourable exchange rate.

Agents are generally upbeat about 2017 and confident of the present improved values being maintained, if not exceeded. Mr Rourke said given the fact that rural land values tended to post annual capital growth of 7-8pc over the long term, there was still potential upside in the market.

He said until this year, capital growth had been minimal since 2007, so even though values for grazing land might have risen by 15-20pc in 2016, and cropland by around 15pc, the market was still playing catch-up.

Chris Meares said rural commodity prices would underpinfuture land price moves, as these would determine bank lending policies, and in turn land values.

TOP END DEALSWhile property sales in 2016 have provided many highlights, there were relatively few– in NSW at least – “signature” properties sold. Most of the big ticket activity was in the Top End, where onshore investors have driven most of the action.

Apart from the much-publicised sale of the Kidman empire to the Gina Rinehart-controlled Australian Outback Beef syndicate, there was the Queensland Investment Corporation’s purchase of an 80pc stake in Northern Australian Cattle Company, and Kimberley acquisitions by Kerry Stokes.

The biggest rural land sales in NSW mostly occurred “under the radar”, led by the Chinese-owned Rifa Salutary’s $80 million-plus purchases of“Cooplacurripa”in the Manning Valley and multiple-property aggregations at Warialda and Nundle.

Paraway Pastoral went on a buying spree in northern NSW with the purchases of“Aberbaldie”at Walcha, and in the Inverell district three properties at Graman now badgedBurmah Station, and the former Sundown Pastoral properties“Newstead”and“Paradise”.

Other significant corporate sales were the 10,000ha slice of Greentree Farming’s“Milton Downs”at Bellata to US-owned Westchester group, reportedly for $50m, and the $20m sale of “Deltroit”at Gundagai, to MH Premium Farms.

The 11,000haGlenrowan Aggregationof 16 properties at Gunnedah has also sold. Marketed by Elders for the Reid family’s down-sizing Minnamurra Pastoral Company, it was expected to attract offers in a range of $30-$40m.

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Doltone House to welcome 2017 with a fanfare

New Year’s Eve is drawing nearand shire residentsare starting to seek out the best venues to bring in the New Year.
Nanjing Night Net

Eat, drink and dance your way into 2017 at the Doltone House NYE Carnivale Party with a four-course award winning set menu.

Building on the success of the event in previous years, Doltone House is planning an incredible experience for guests with an exciting Brazilian dancer and drumbeats floorshow, DJ entertainment, live coverage of the fireworks and a generous food and beverage package.

Adult tickets include pre-dinner drinks and canapés, premium wine, beers and soft drink, house spirits and four-course set menu plus seafood sharing platter.

Menu highlights are the fresh King prawns and smoked salmon roses, deluxe seafood sharing platter, roasted supreme of chicken with butternut pumpkin puree, and to finish Pavlova with fresh fruit cream, meringue and passionfruit sauce.

And if Carnivale is not quite your scene, you could enjoy another New Year’s Eve function at Doltone House which will feature a combined performance from Macedonian singer Tuse, and Sydney’s Macedonian Despina band.

An exciting night of dancing and entertainment will be topped off with a generous food and beverage package.

Adult tickets include pre-dinner drinks and canapés, a complimentary bottle of Chivas Regal per table, premium wine, beers and soft drinks and an award winning 4 course set menu plus two seafood sharing platters and chevapiper table.

Details: 8571 0622 or visit doltonehouse南京夜网419论坛.

OtherNYE entertainment options include:

Cassettes Duo: Tradies Gymea, 9pmDemage Duo + Ripper ’76: Cronulla RSL, 8pmNever Ending 80’s: Brass Monkey, 8pmHard Rockin Amigos: Club on East, 8pmABBASBACK: Club Menai, 8pmSwinging Sixties: Club Cronulla, 8pmMr James Band: Ramsgate RSL, 8pmHot Hot Hot: St George Leagues, 9pmThe Smooth Groove: Revesby Workers, 8.30pmBlues Bros Rebooted: Georges River SC, 8pmThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Fast route to ruin

FINANCIAL LOAD: Bellingen Shire Council is talking to the RMS about the costs of taking over the old Pacific Highway.In a bidto head off what could be a one-way ride downhill financially for local councils, last week Bellingen Council’s general manager Liz Jeremy and Nambucca’s Mayor Rhonda Hobanheld discussions with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)regarding the transfer of assets to thecouncils, namely the old Pacific Highway, following the opening of the new road.
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Ms Jeremy said the discussions gave both councils an opportunity to explain their concerns regarding the handover of these assets and the RMS an insight intothe financial implications that came along with it.

“Agreement was reached to explore intergovernmental policy positions and the need to further investigate the full cost of the asset transfers over the long term, especially for the bridges,” Ms Jeremy said.

“In this context, the council has already written to the RMS following a resolution by the elected council indicating that it does not wish to accept the Kalang River Bridge asset which is valued at approximately $12 million.”

She said the council appreciated the opportunity for the meeting and the commitment given to both the discussions and future processes leading to outcomes as yet unformulated nor discussed in detail.

For its part RMS responded it was committed to working closely with Bellingen and Nambucca Shire Councils “to find an agreeable solution on the transfer of Pacific Highway assets and particularly the Kalang River Bridge”.

A spokeswoman said the meeting was productive and RMS wouldcontinue to work with the councils during the coming months.

Nambucca Mayor Rhonda Hoban said she was grateful for the meeting and the chance to discuss the reality of the financial situation, which sees councils on the one hand forced to prove their financial sustainability to the State Government, yet being handed the maintenance and replacement responsibility for over $254 million worth of assets (in the case of Nambucca Shire).

“As a low socio-economic community, it would certainly be a burden inperpetuity to ratepayers.I believe the RMS is committed to considering possible solutions we proposed,” Ms Hoban said.

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Golf club land open soon

LOTS in a newestate formerly part of the Warrnambool Golf Club will be available for purchase from January.
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Land owned by the club and R and R Coffey is being developed in conjunction with Ample Investments Group.

The new development will be called the Mervue Estate.

Ludeman Real Estate agent Mark Dwyer said there would be a total of 47 allotments forsale.

“The lot sizes will range from 762 square metresto 1830 square metres,” he said.

“Most of the block sizes will be around 1000 square metres, which are larger lifestyle allotments.”

Mr Dwyer said stage one would include 21 lots.

The first stage will be for sale early in the new year.

“We think the blocks will be well sought after,” Mr Dwyersaid.

“I don’t think there is a development that close to town near the golf course on the market at the moment.”

The golf club originally put the land up for sale via expressions of interest, however it did not sell.

The club was approached by the Ample Investments Group about eightmonths ago with a proposal to undertake the development of the land on the club’s behalf in return for a fee/share of the development proceeds.

Ludeman Real Estate is selling the land in conjunction with Warrnambool’s Falk and Co. Real Estate.

Warrnambool Golf Club president Paul Blain said it planned to reinvest money from the sale of the club’s allotments.

The money will go towards capital works and the clubhouse.

“It is good economically for the club and the community,” Mr Blainsaid. “It will be a huge benefit for all members.”

Mr Blain said the cash injection would help the club become more sustainable and to grow its membership numbers.

He said there were healthy numbers among thejunior ranks, and having professional golfer Marc Leishman home for the summer was creating a buzz around the club.

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