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When the gift has fur

Posted by on 20/03/2019

Every Christmas I get asked the same question, “How are you going to cope with all the unwanted animals as gifts being surrendered to the shelter?”

WRAP IT UP: If you want to give a pet, consider an RSPCA ACT voucher so your loved one can choose a furry friend themselves, such as sweet Swan, who is available for adoption now.

There’s a longstanding belief that pets that aren’t chosen specifically by their new owners (iegiven as gifts) are less valued than those that are.

Based on our experience at the shelter, I would completely disagree with this belief.

Furthermore, there have been multiple studies around the world that have shown that the amount of love and care that a person gives to a pet is not directly correlated to either the method for how the animal came into their lives or the amount of money they spent on it.

Some studies actually suggest that a ‘double bond’can be obtained when a pet is given as a present with the second bond related to the personal emotions attached to the gift giver.

While the shelter is indeed full and the number of animals in care will continue to increase over the holiday season, very few are coming in as unwanted gifts.

So, we are actively suggesting that pets can be great Christmas gifts if the giver keeps a few things in mind:

It’s important that the receiver has already expressed a strong desire for a pet.Ensure that they have the ability to be a responsible pet owner for not only that species and breed, but also for the animal’s individual needs.There’s no sense in getting them a high energy working dog if they live in a tiny apartment and work 50 hours a week.If they have other pets, it’s important that the animals meet before adopting a new family member. Animal personalities range just like humans which mean that some animals just won’t get along.We recommend buying them a gift voucher at RSPCA ACT to adopt a pet rather than purchasing an animal on their behalf. This allows them to find a companion that they will form a lifelong bond with.Remember: it’s okay to give them a pet as a gift – but not as a surprise.

You can visit our adoption website (苏州美甲培训adoptapet苏州美甲培训419论坛) to see what type of animals we have available.

Tammy Ven Dange is the CEO of RSPCA ACT.

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