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School casualties

Posted by on 18/07/2018

A united group of students have spoken out against a proposed merger of the city’s high schools relaying fearsthey willbe the collateral damage.
Nanjing Night Net

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: The students say they can see some benefits to a merger but are concerned about their schooling during the change. PHOTO: Anthony Stipo.

The 10 students were firm in their beliefshould the merger go ahead the negative consequences would be felt whilethey complete their crucial final years of schooling.

“This will disrupt us for the rest of our schooling lives,” year 8 student Elise Townsend said.

“We won’t see the new school, but we will have all the disadvantages as it is built, where are we going to go and what will happen to the Griffith High School students?”

As a year 8 student Elise and her peers wouldmiss out on attending a merged school, but wouldbe schooled through change as it is built.

However, it’s not only a problem for the students who miss out, according to year 7 studentJemimahBrooker, who can’t bring herself to be excited about the prospect.

“I don’t think they understand, moving high schools as you are doing your HSC will be really distracting,” she said.

Even more disconcertingwas thelack of detailbehind the announcement.

The students said a spokesman from the Department of Education had come to their school, butthey still didn’t have the answers they needed. “Fair enough it hasn’t been set in stone yet, but we have questions that need answers,” year 8 student Jenna Richards said.

“Our opinion needs to be taken more seriously, all other opinions are also important, but this is our lives.” The group raised further concerns presented by a larger school including, bullying, a lack of schooling choice, elective classes and excursions filling up,less chance of representing schools in sport and the potential loss of beloved teachers.

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