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Our Say: Don’t let yourself be the next victim of fraud

Posted by on 20/09/2019

MODERN society is starting to pay a high price for new shopping convenience.

Fraud crimes increased sharply in some Central West centres in the 12 months to September, but fell in Dubbo, which had 248 incidents.

The rise in fraud cases was repeated inmost police commands across NSWand reflects a new sophistication among petty criminals.

The increased use of PayWave technology has been identified as a major factor in the increase in fraudas law makers –and enforcers –struggle to keep pace with changes in retailing.

The convenience of PayWave is a boon for shoppers who want to quickly pay for goods and get on their way but becomes a disaster when they lose their wallet or purse.

Once you’ve lost control of your credit card, anyone canuse it to make purchases of up to $100 a time without needing to sign or enter a PIN.

In those instances, it quickly becomes a race against time as the person who loses the card knows every extra minute they take to cancel the card with their bankcould be costing them hundreds of dollars.

Not surprisingly, then, it’s everything old is new again for the smart modern thief with purses and wallets becoming the items of choice for stealing.The rise in fraud also presents a significant policing problem as little can be done to stop determined crooks.

Securing your credit cards is purely a case of taking personal responsibility and just a moment’s inattention could be your undoing. No amount of targeted police campaigns can change that reality.

But PayWave is not the only culprit when it comes to rising fraud.

Police report online scams continueto find new targets, even as we wonder just how many variations there can be on a similar scheme.

The fact there are still people falling into these traps explains why there are still scammers out there trying their luck.Wewill never know the full extent of the damage being done by scammers. Some victims simply won’t own up to being fooled.

The best we can do is know there are always people out there ready to prey on the vulnerable and distracted.

Dubbo may get some comfort from the fall in fraud figures, but card users and businesses need to be vigilant. The threat and risks are real.

Don’t let yourself become the next target.

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