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Letters to the Editor

Posted by on 18/07/2018

Iconic: Plans for the trees on King George V Avenue have created quite a stir.Safety Before BeautyI’ll admit that I was totally against anything being done to the old English Oaks that are growing along King George Avenue, but I have since changed my mind after having a look at these trees.

Whilst these iconic trees are very old and beautiful, some of them are also starting to become quite dangerous as there’s a lot of dead wood in them.

What happens when someone is walking under these trees or someone is innocently driving along and a tree or branch falls on them and either seriously injures or kills someone. What then?

I don’t like to see old and significant trees either chopped down or butchered as many are in and around our local towns, but I don’t want to read or see where a tree has fallen on someone.

It’s not as though Council are going to rip all the trees out and not replace them. They have some fairly established trees that they want to replant with.

For once I’m on the Council’s side.

Jenny George


Prime Minister for Jobs and GrowthPrior to the Federal Election Prime Minister ‘Jobson Grothe’ promised that the Nations future will be based upon innovation and increased jobs and growth.

How are these promises being delivered?

The Treasurer reported a declining economy but even so the Jobson Grothe Government is to lend the Indian Coal company Adani $1bto help finance a 380 km rail line to carry their coal to a coastal port.

In June, 2015 Australia gave $980m to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bankto assist its establishment. Adani is seeking establishment funds from the bank.

The Jobson Grothe Government sees it is essential for the Australian taxpayer to help finance overseas owned coal miners so as to meet their jobs and growth promises.

Meanwhile, the Jobson GrotheGovernment is baulking at $2bto interconnect electric power for Victoria, South Australia, N.S. W. and Tasmania to, overcome any power shortages due to damaging climate changes.

The Government has received a scientific report recommending the climate change be addressed with policies that limit carbon dioxide emissions per unit of power generated by an approach of penalty and reward, but not a carbon tax.

The Jobson Grothe, Government being made up of climate change sceptics, believing that it is a hoax, have dropped the scientific recommendations.

At a time whenthe Government is ignoring these recommendations sectors of the energy industry areadopting innovation and making growth,Australia Energy, our second biggest polluter of greenhouse gasses are in the process of expending $1.5bon solar and wind projects.

Within our region there is the solar farm at Moree, a $6m windfarm being constructed at Glen Innes, a $580mwindfarm planned between Glen Innes and Inverell, Uralla has received $50,000 to developtheir town as a Zero Energy Community, and Manilla has plans for a $2msolar form.

Agriculture is the industry that is to suffer the most from the negative impacts of climate change. It is so bad that the politicians from rural electorates fail to take leadership roles on climate change and its subsequent impact on their constituents.

The Jobson Grothe Government, to settle an 18 months drag on the Backpackers Tax, accepted a Greens demand for an additional $100mto assist Landcare groups,who are working hard on sustainable farming systems.

The Jobson Grothe ministers fail to understand that future jobs and growth in our economy will be led by the energy industry that balances emission outputs and the generation of renewable energy.

A. E. Stannard.


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