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Posted by on 18/07/2018

SUNRISE: Caroline Armitage’s lovely image of Windang Island. Send your image to [email protected]苏州美甲培训419论坛 or tag us via @illawarramerc.A DIFFICULT CONDITIONMay I express my sympathies to the parents of Hamza Said who developed septic shock after being discharged from Wollongong Hospital(Illawarra Mercury, December 13,2016) .

However, we mustn’t be too critical of the under resourced and overworked hospital staff. Sepsis is a poorly understood condition that is a result of an excessive response of the body’s immune system.

What is also clear is that sepsis is very common – affecting at least 100 Australians each and every day and that the incidence is increasing by 10 per centevery year.

The clinical features unfortunately are very similar to many other relatively harmless medical conditions.

Because of this some authorities have argued that sepsis is impossible to diagnose early with certainty.

Even the exact benefit of antibiotics is not without controversy.

One animal study that used an experimental drug to suppress this excessive immune response achieved an 85 per centcure rate without antibiotics.

Patrick Bradley, Wollongong

NOT A STRONG MANDATEI would like to point out to Mr Devlin that the Liberal Turnbull Government has a one seat majority in the Lower House.

This could not be seen as strong mandate from the electorate.

It could be seen as a Government, out of touch, clinging to power through a electoral Gerrymander.

The Senate on the other hand is a more representative House, elected on a percentage of votes per state.

The reason we have a Upper and Lower House is that the lower house puts forward policies and tries to convince the Upper house that they are valid, workable and needed.

The lack of policies passed by the Senate shows the ill-conceived policies put forward by the government, not a sabotage by the minor parties in the Senate.

I’d also like to point out to Mr Devlin the meaning of Left and Right in politics, which originated in the French Revolution, using a quote by R.M.MacIver 1947: “The right is the party associated with the interests of the upper or dominant classes, the left expressive of the lower economic or social classes, and centre that of the middle classes”.

David Schmidt, Towradgi

PLAY IT SAFEI write to ask all readers involved in boating and watercraft activity to take great care this summer on our beautiful rivers, lakes, harbours, bays and beaches.

The latest Royal Life Saving Society – Australia report reveals some concerning statistics.

New data reveals that over a 10 year period, 473 people drowned in boating/watercraft activity, only 8 per centwere wearing a lifejacket.

About 26 per cent of the cases involved alcohol, 59 per centof those were over the legal limit.

People should be reminded to avoid alcohol when around water.

Alcohol impairs judgement and a person’s ability to swim to safety.

It is critical people wear a lifejacket and it is extraordinary how many people who drown weren’t wearing lifejackets.

Our latest report also reveals 31 per centof the cases involved drugs.

You should never take a boat, canoe or kayak out under the influence of drugs.

Never go boating, kayaking, or canoeing alone, always check the conditions before heading out onto the water and learn how to save a life.

This new study suggests boating and watercraft drowning deaths are on the rise.

We ask readers to take great care so they can have a happy and safe summer.

To get more information readers can go to 苏州美甲培训royallifesaving苏州美甲培训419论坛.

Justin ScarrChief Executive Officer

Royal Life Saving Society

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