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Jesus stole my birthday

Posted by on 18/07/2018

Make a choice: The unfortunates among us who believe they are short-changed because their birthdays fall within the (dreaded) Christmas period.Ever tried organising your birthday party but everyone’s too busy or away on holidays?

Or how about trying to get your friends together to celebrate your big day but they’re all having too much fun at the ‘other party’? You know, the one for Jesus.

Welcome to the world of those unfortunates amongst us –me included –that have to contend with the inopportune life event of being born during the ‘Christmas period’.

All that joy and love and warmth being shared and discussed throughout the office in the weeks and months –yes, it’s been for m-o-n-t-h-s in our office –prior to Christmas will only have one real meaning for you.You miss out. Again.

And it sucks.

So, what’s the problem?Well, how about this: You only get one party a year. Andeveryone is so hyped up for Christmas that your big day becomes a minor thought bubble –if it materialises at all.

Let’s face, you just don’t get to celebrate your birthday like ‘the others’.

Your birthday celebration is sandwiched between the hype and hysteria, leftover ham and turkey, seemingly endless games of backyard cricket, the days-long siestas and a New Year’s Eve resolution never to drink again.

But have a great birthday anyway.

You know deep down that Christmas will mean Uncle Bill and Aunty Anne will arrive all warm and fuzzy, and filled with goodwill and cheer. And that’s before they get stuck into the schnapps.

For me, the idea of celebratingChristmas and my birthday left me when I was about eight years old.

I remember sitting under the Christmas tree, trembling with excitement about just what this gift being handed to me could possibly be when I heard the phrase that haunts me to my core, even today:‘.. and that present’s for your birthday too’.

It was like a bolt of lightning crashing through the grotesque yet well-lit canopy of those hopelessly faulty lights that wereprecariously attached to the spindly, post-1970s artificial plastic Christmas tree. You know the one, it had those little brown end bits that you stuck on the fake tree limbs so you wouldn’t take your eye out.

It was then that the true meaning (see, I’m trying to remain Christmasy) of those words really dawned on me:if you open this gift now, you won’t have a birthday present to open, in my case, a few days later.

And there’s your choice, right there. Would you give up a Christmas present or a birthday gift? And you have to choose too.

Wauchope businessman Rob Hamilton was born on December 25 and at one point took to celebrating his birthday in September …with his brother.

While he has worked out a principle that only the best people are on born on Christmas Day, he also admits it was more of an issue when he was growing up.

“You certainly felt cheated, what with only one party a year,” he said.

“Unfortunately all the people you wanted to come to your birthday party were, obviously, busy with their own family events.

“And you don’t get as many presents either.”

Rob said his wife Jen’s family had been proactive and celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve.

“In that way, Christmas Day remains what it’s meant to be,” he added.

He’s also acutely aware that his daughter Laura is more than likely to present him with another grandchild …on December 28.

Fellow Wauchope resident and councillor Lisa Intemann has taken a novel approach to the whole issue of her birthday falling immediately following Christmas.

“Turn it around and it can be your party for a whole week after Christmas,” she said.

But the deputy mayor did concede that when it comes to birthdays, Christmas is a hard act to follow.

“What you miss out on most is the anticipation, with everyone getting ready for the big day and your birthday an after thought,” she said.

“The one present for both days really sucks, but on the plus side we usually went on holidays then so there was always fun times.”

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