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Around the garden

Posted by on 20/10/2018

Poinsettiaswith their red and green foliage are the perfect living Christmas table decorationsthatalso makewonderful gifts.

Naturally flowering during the cooler months, nurseries can alter the day length in specially-designed glasshouses so that they flower in time for Christmas.

Tokeep your potted poinsettia looking great during the festiveseasonplace it in a spot that gets good, indirectsunlightand don’t over water -wait until the surface begins to dry out then water thoroughly.

A weekly feedwith Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food willalso prolong its yuletide show.

VeggieliciousOnce sweet corncobs begin to form adequate water is essential. At least one heavy watering a week, more in hot weather.Sweet corn has a shallow root system soa layer of mulch is most welcome.

For city gardeners in high rise units that lovethe crispness and flavour of freshherbs and vegetables its possible to grow them in pots on a balcony or a sunny window box.

The main requirements are good quality potting mix, the right selection of plants andregular watering and feeding.

Silverbeet, chilli, eggplant, capsicum,small pick ‘n’ pull lettuce, spinach,tomatoes and most herbs can be grown in containers.When watering be mindful of any run off.

Flower PowerThe climbing houseplant, Hoya, is named after Thomas Hoy and is grown for its glossy dark, green leaves and exquisite star-like, waxy flowers that are usually white or pale shades of pink or red.

These epiphytic plantslike to be potbound and seem to thrive on neglect and look stunning in hanging baskets.

The Japanese anemone, or windflower, is a hardy, herbaceousperennialthatadds colour to the shady areas of the summer garden.

Their lovelysingle or semi-double, poppy-likeflowersflutter in the breeze, hence the common name, and come in shades of pink, mauve, red or white.

Plant in organically rich, moist but not wet soil.In late autumn cut back to ground level and in spring they’ll bounce back ready for another season.

Top TipTo stop algae growing on wooden tables and seats during wet weather, spray them with salty water.

To remove algae from wooden items simply wipe clean usingsalty water.

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